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Nearly every movement in the human body relies on the spine. So, it’s understandable why back pain can be so debilitating. Back pain can make every movement painful, and even cause you to be bedridden until the pain lets up. If you have chronic, relentless back pain, come to Sean Trujillo, MPT, for our physical therapy treatments! We have the knowledge and experience to treat major and minor back pain problems. From stained muscles to sciatica, our physical therapy treatments will help dramatically. We have a long line of satisfied clients who trust us to help relive their pain and prevent pain from coming back later on. If you’ve got endless back pain, you don’t have to go through it alone. Go to Sean Trujillo, MPT, for our chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy services! Call us today to find out more!

There’s tons of reasons why you may be experiencing neck pain. Neck pain can be the result of poor posture, strained muscles, a herniated disk, or a pinched nerve. It can even be caused by whiplash if you got into a car accident, or even from various diseases and other medical conditions. If you have neck pain, go to Sean Trujillo, MPT! At Sean Trujillo, MPT, we do everything we can to help you live a happy, pain-free lifestyle. Our team of skilled and experienced physical therapists work to figure out the source of your neck pain, and then provide you with quality, professional treatments to alleviate the pain and prevent more pain in the future. We offer a wide variety of treatments in order to help you the most. Want to find out how we can help you with your neck pain problems? Give us a call today for more information!

Doing sports is both fun and good for you! However, playing sports can cause severe injuries. Whether you pushed your body past its limit, or if you suffered from an accident, you now have an injury that needs to heal. At Sean Trujillo, MPT, we offer sports therapy services to get you back out on the field again. From runners with shin splints to soccer players with twisted ankles, our treatments will help you recover quickly and effectively. We help wrestlers, football players, dancers, swimmers, and every other athlete. Our sports therapy treatments are aimed to pinpoint the problem and then adapted to treat your injury specifically. Not every athlete is the same, and neither are their injuries. That’s why we tailor our sports therapy to help treat you individually. If you’ve suffered from a sports injury, you don’t have to be out of commission for long. Come to Sean Trujillo, MPT, for the best sports therapy services!

Surgery is meant to get you back on the path towards your everyday lifestyle. Once the surgery is complete, you may want to hop out of bed and get back to your life. However, post-surgical rehab is vital to help you get back to normal! At Sean Trujillo, MPT, we offer post-surgical rehab services to help you recover quickly and properly. Why should you do post-surgical rehab? This treatments helps your body regain strength, improve your range of motion, reduce pain, and help you perform daily activities again. Surgery is a great way to fix physical problems, but you likely need rehab afterwards to heal completely. Want to find out more about our post-surgical rehab services? Call us today to find out! A helpful representative will be on the line, ready to explain how our services can help you!

What is vestibular vertigo rehab? This is a form of treatment aimed to improve balance and reduce dizziness-related problems. If you often feel unsteady, woozy, lightheaded, or like you are about to pass out, this treatment could be beneficial for you! Dizziness can be caused by anything, whether it’s an inner ear problem, a medication side effect, or a dysfunction of the neck. At Sean Trujillo, MPT, we work hard to find the source of your dizziness. Then, we provide you with professional, effective vestibular vertigo rehab services. This exercise-based treatment is adapted to treat your dizziness so that you can live a stress-free, pain-free lifestyle. Vertigo can affect your balance, ability to walk, and your vision. However, you can drastically benefit from our treatments. To find out more about our vestibular vertigo rehab, give us a call today!